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6 Key Cost-Saving Benefits of VoltSafe Marine


The overwhelming feedback from marina operators and industry experts is positive and full of excitement over the efficiency and cost-saving benefits gained from installing VoltSafe’s shore power ecosystem. VoltSafe Marine achieves qualitative and quantitative savings through a series of several factors that work together to optimize both efficiency and safety. This results in reductions in both expenses and hourly labour.  In our latest blog, we take a peek at six of these key cost-saving benefits: 


Enhancing energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of the VoltSafe Marine solution. By optimizing power usage, we enable marinas to significantly reduce operational costs during periods of high energy demand. This optimization involves shifting power consumption to off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, thereby helping marina operators save money and reduce their carbon footprint.


The intuitive and user-friendly VoltSafe Marine dashboard empowers marina operators to effortlessly monitor and manage power usage across the entire marina in real-time. This monitoring capability enables effective reduction of peak demand charges, which can be substantial during peak usage periods. By actively managing and minimizing peak energy demand, marinas can achieve significant cost savings and promote sustainable energy consumption practices.


Safety is paramount in a marina environment. VoltSafe Marine incorporates advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of marina operators and boat owners. It can detect and promptly alert marina operators and boat owners about current leakage, preventing potential electrical hazards. Additionally, the system proactively identifies failing or inefficient electronic devices, helping to prevent corrosion, arcs, sparks, fires, and damage, which can occur due to electrical malfunctions. This automated safety approach not only protects lives and property but also minimizes downtime and repair costs.


Our technology includes magnetic connectors that serve as a fail-safe mechanism to prevent damage when boat owners forget to disconnect from shore power. These connectors safeguard the marina infrastructure, including power outlets and dockside equipment. By reducing the risk of damage, marinas can maintain a safer and more reliable environment for their clients, ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing repair expenses.


The automation of billing processes is a key feature of our solution. It provides marina operators with access to real-time shore power and historical data usage. This streamlined billing system eliminates the need for manual data entry and slip-to-slip invoicing, making the entire billing process efficient. Marina owners can better manage their finances, reduce administrative overhead, and enhance the overall customer experience. Granular utility-metering also benefits the boat owner by providing complete transparency to energy usage per slip in a specific time window, eliminating any debate over who is responsible for power consumption and when.


Our innovative solution not only ensures the safety and efficiency of marina operations but also delivers a significant impact on insurance costs for marina operators. By proactively eliminating the risks associated with electrical fires resulting from faulty connections and infrastructure damage due to boats sailing away without disconnecting, marinas can expect substantial savings on their insurance premiums.

The elimination of risks related to electrical fires is a critical component of this. Faulty electrical connections have historically been a leading cause of fires in marinas, and the consequences can be devastating, leading to property damage, injury, and even loss of life. By effectively mitigating the risk of fire through our system's proactive safety measures, marinas dramatically reduce the likelihood of insurance claims related to fire damage. As a result, insurance providers recognize these enhanced safety measures and reward marina operators with lower insurance premiums, reflecting the reduced exposure to fire-related risks.

Similarly, our technology's prevention of infrastructure damage is a game-changer in terms of insurance savings. When boats inadvertently sail away without disconnecting from shore power, this can result in severe damage to marina infrastructure, such as power outlets, pedestals, and electrical systems. The cost of repairing or replacing this infrastructure can be exorbitant. However, our solution, with its fail-safe magnetic connectors and alerts, prevents such incidents from occurring in the first place. As a result, marinas experience fewer claims for infrastructure damages, which translates directly into lower insurance premiums.

Our comprehensive ecosystem integrates a user-friendly dashboard that offers real-time insights into marina operations, leading to efficiency in operations and a shore power system that reduces shore power hazards and infrastructure damage.  The result is a more cost-effective and efficient marina operation, which can redirect resources towards improving customer service and overall facility management. If you’re a marina operator or owner interested in reducing costs and gaining these advantageous operational efficiencies, follow us on social, email or contact us HERE.

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