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7 Ways VoltSafe Marine Helps Marinas Meet New Regulations


Many marinas are facing the reality that they must undergo infrastructure updates in order to keep up with new safety and environmental regulations. But changing times also mean that technology can now provide the added benefit of helping marina operators comply with new regulations. VoltSafe’s technology addresses all the major pain points of updating a marina’s shore power to meet new regulations and save on costs at the same time. Here’s how…

Operational Cost Savings:

Aside from the environmental impact of saving energy, implementing energy management practices can significantly reduce electricity bills for marinas. By optimizing energy use, marinas can identify areas of inefficiency and implement measures to reduce consumption, leading to cost savings over time for marina operations. VoltSafe Marine’s dashboard has an energy management system that can detect current leakage at the outlet level as well as monitor pedestal maintenance and functionality for safe shore power delivery. 

Environmental Sustainability: 

Energy management helps marinas reduce their carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact. By conserving energy through VoltSafe Marine’s real time monitoring feature, marinas can contribute to environmental sustainability and protect fragile marine ecosystems at the same time. VoltSafe Marine’s technology allows marina managers and boat owners to  turn the plug on and off remotely.  When the active and passive sides are disconnected, the plug remains off, meaning there is no current flow. If you drop the plug into water, there is no risk of electrocution to harm marine life or humans. 


Many jurisdictions have environmental regulations and standards that marinas must comply with regarding energy usage and emissions. Implementing energy management practices ensures that marinas meet these regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or penalties. Meeting safety standards with real time monitoring will help.

Improved Reputation: 

Marinas that prioritize energy management demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This can enhance their reputation among environmentally conscious boaters, tourists, and community members, leading to increased patronage and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Enhanced Reliability: 

Energy management systems can improve the reliability of critical infrastructure at marinas, such as lighting, security systems, and communication networks. By monitoring energy usage for a marina’s shore power systems and identifying potential issues early on, marinas can take advantage of VoltSafe’s technology to prevent unexpected downtime and ensure a safe and secure environment for patrons and staff.

Long-Term Cost Predictability: 

By investing in energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources, marinas can achieve greater predictability in their long-term energy costs. While upfront investments may be required, the reduced reliance on traditional energy sources can shield marinas from future energy price fluctuations. VoltSafe Marine will allow marina operators to take advantage of peak time usage billing to manage price fluctuations. 

Innovation & Technological Advancements: 

Embracing energy management encourages marinas to explore innovative technologies and solutions that can further optimize energy use and reduce costs. From smart meters and sensors to advanced energy monitoring software, marinas can leverage VoltSafe Marine’s all-in-one, cutting-edge pedestal and dashboard system to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

VoltSafe Marine offers numerous advantages for marinas.  By implementing a comprehensive energy management strategy with VoltSafe Marine, marinas can position themselves as leaders in the industry while minimizing their environmental footprint and operating costs. If you’re a marina operator or owner interested in reducing costs and gaining these advantageous operational efficiencies, email or contact us HERE.

DID YOU KNOW? Your marina may be eligible to conduct a trial of VoltSafe Marine shore power hardware and software. Learn more about our ‘Try It Before You Buy It’ Program

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