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Empowering VoltSafe Marine Through Strategic Collaborations: Carving a path to safety and efficiency


In the dynamic world of maritime technology, access to industry expertise is not just advantageous, it is paramount for the development and success of innovative solutions. In addition to exhibiting at the top industry trade shows such as IBEX, METSTRADE, The Docks Expo and AMI, VoltSafe has strategically aligned itself with several key organizations in the marine industry. These associations help us harness the wealth of knowledge, validate our technology, expand our network, and stay abreast of regulatory compliance while developing our award-winning VoltSafe Marine shore power ecosystem. In this article, we take a look at some of those critical industry connections. 

Access to Industry Expertise: Navigating the Seas of Knowledge

Collaborating with established, reputable entities in the marine sector, such as the Association of British Columbia Maritime Industries (ABCMI), has proven to be a game-changer for VoltSafe. The ABCMI represents Western Canada's industrial marine sector, boasting over 1,000 companies spanning shipbuilding, ship repair, marine services, infrastructure, professional services, marine products, small craft marine construction and repair, and ocean science and technology. This collaboration positions VoltSafe to tap into a vast reservoir of industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that VoltSafe Marine not only addresses these concerns but also exceeds industry standards and requirements, fostering innovation and excellence in the highly competitive marine market.  Similarly, we work with Yachting Ventures, a global hub for startups and scaleups in the maritime industry. Yachting Ventures affords us the opportunity to extend our continuously growing industry network, build much-needed awareness, and gain insights on a broader, international scale. 

Validation of Technology: Sailing with Confidence to Decarbonization 

VoltSafe is proud to be a member and participating stakeholder with the Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate, Washington Maritime Blue and the International Electric Marine Association (IEMA). These relationships have been integral in offering an important layer of credibility and support for VoltSafe’s marine solution. All are industry-backed organizations dedicated to accelerating the transition to a zero-emissions maritime industry. The process of becoming a member involves an engaged evaluation by their well-informed industry experts; they each seek alliances that support a very critical roadmap for our environment and economy, as well as those who drive strategy and offer reliability with their solutions. VoltSafe Marine can accelerate the road to decarbonization of the maritime industry worldwide. The endorsements from our friends at VMCC, WMB, and IEMA do not just represent a badge of honour, rather they are a testament to VoltSafe's commitment to sustainability and innovation aligning perfectly with the goals of these highly respected organizations. Only working together will we reach a zero-emissions marine sector.

Access to Networks: Navigating the Waves of Connectivity

In the vast ocean of the marine industry, networking is key. VoltSafe's partnership with the Pacific Coast Congress and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) opens doors to broader networks of clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. This expanded network contributes significantly to VoltSafe's market presence and customer base. By fostering relationships with other influential players in the industry, VoltSafe is working hard to position itself as a collaborative marine force, ready to drive the waves of change and advancements in maritime technology and innovation. Actively engaging with these groups aids us gaining critical feedback and insights to improve our marine shore power system, including insights on everything from marina management and cost savings, to early detection of potential fire hazards, or the necessary repairs required in order to prevent electrical shock drownings. 

Regulatory Compliance: Steering the Course of Responsibility

Regular meetings with the American Boating and Yacht Council (ABYC) serves as VoltSafe’s compass for regulatory compliance. Staying knowledgeable about maritime regulations and industry standards is not just a legal obligation but a responsibility that VoltSafe takes seriously. These meetings between VoltSafe's CTO, Sanad Aridah, and the ABYC ensure that VoltSafe is not only aware of the standards being set by the organization but is also actively involved in shaping the industry's future when it comes to safe access to power and marine management. This collaboration not only guarantees that VoltSafe's products and services comply with regulations but also positions the company as a responsible and proactive contributor to increased safety in and around marinas when it comes to shore power fires and damage as well as electrical shock deaths (ESD).

VoltSafe also participates in the annual American Boating Congress in Washington, DC. The American Boating Congress is a 3-day event in Washington DC focusing on boating advocacy, hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Being a partner with NMMA keeps us up to date on the latest regulations regarding safety in the marine industry. This also means that in turn, they have an opportunity to see first hand the advances we are making towards setting a new standard for marine safety and share that knowledge with their members.  This annual event is co-hosted by Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and approximately 20 other boating recreation organizations. The conference offers an opportunity to dive into issues facing the industry, and most importantly educate decision-makers on Capitol Hill. This event is of critical importance to VoltSafe as it keeps us connected to the government regulators that guide marine safety standards, propulsion alternatives and energy conservation, all of which we are able to address and positively support.

At VoltSafe, we are placing heavy focus on safety and strategic collaborations with industry powerhouses exemplify a commitment to excellence, innovation, and responsibility. By leveraging the expertise of industry leaders, validating our ground-breaking technology, expanding our network, and ensuring regulatory compliance, we are paving the road to enhancing safety and efficiency in the maritime industry. These strategic partnerships are undoubtedly propelling VoltSafe to even greater heights in the ever-evolving world of maritime technology and innovation. If you are interested in forging a partnership with VoltSafe, or you’re a marina operator or know someone who is, we want to connect with you. To learn more about VoltSafe Marine and our flagship technology behind the most innovative shore power ecosystem, follow us on social, or email us at

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