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That’s A Wrap:  VoltSafe Marine on Display at the American Boating Congress


VoltSafe’s CEO and Ship Skipper, Trevor Burgess, and CTO, Sanad Aridah, headed to Washington DC to meet and mingle with recreational boating industry members at the American Boating Congress from May 8 through May 10th.

The American Boating Congress (ABC) is an annual conference that brings together individuals and organizations involved in the recreational boating industry to discuss current issues and policies that impact the industry. The ABC is hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which represents the recreational boating industry in the US, and also has a chapter in Canada. VoltSafe is a member of the NMMA.

The American Boating Congress provides a forum for industry stakeholders to engage with policymakers and elected officials to discuss issues such as boating safety, environmental regulations, and economic impact. ABC attendees include boat manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, marina operators and other industry professionals. VoltSafe’s marine electrical solution is a perfect fit to support and enhance these industry-led conversations.

The American Boating Congress is a significant event for the recreational boating industry, because it allows industry stakeholders to come together and advocate for policies and regulations that support the industry's growth and success. It also provides an opportunity for networking and learning about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Policies and regulations around safe boating and electrification have been a popular topic of discussion among the marine industry.  With the growing buzz within the industry around VoltSafe Marine, many in the marine industry are quickly learning about the product and the groundbreaking app that will change safety in and around marinas. It will help boaters stay safe in the water and safely connect to electricity and prevent boat and marina fires that are a result of faulty or deteriorating and corroded shore power plugs.  It will also prevent dock damage and assist marina owners with billing and management of moorage fees.

VoltSafe learned of the American Boating Conference through its membership with the NMMA and its participation in the organization’s Next Gen Propulsion working group. Upon learning about ABC, VoltSafe quickly signed on as a Purser Sponsor and headed to DC to showcase VoltSafe Marine, providing attendees and policy makers a first-hand opportunity to learn more about how VoltSafe Marine sets a new standard for safety in the marine industry.

VoltSafe Marine Helps Boaters Stay Safe

Safety is a major concern for members of the recreational boating industry and the topic commands a lot of the panels’ discussion time. Having a display booth at ABC provides the perfect platform from which to showcase VoltSafe Marine and show how it is designed to prevent hidden corrosion ensuring no arcing or sparking occurs - the cause of many disastrous boat and marina fires. VoltSafe’s patented electrical fingerprint technology in the contacts means electricity does not flow through the contacts unless they are securely connected. This means that if you drop the shore power cord into water, it will not electrify the water or cause shock if you touch the contacts.

An APP to Manage Safety and Billing

VoltSafe Marine’s proprietary software dashboard and app allows boaters to monitor their electricity usage and also identify current leakage. As a boater, it also notifies you if your shore power cord becomes disconnected from the pedestal. Marina operators will also receive notification of the disconnection and can promptly attend to it. Marina operators will additionally be able to closely monitor the power usage of each slip, enabling them to manage the billing for individual boats docked at your marina based on usage. This year, marine manufacturers are looking at addressing CO2 emissions through a number of avenues including energy management systems. The goal is to advance the recreational boating industry toward a more sustainable future. Managing energy usage and current leakage will go hand in hand with the electrification of vessels. VoltSafe solves all these concerns.

Safety around electrical use has always been a priority for VoltSafe. The American Boating Congress provided an excellent opportunity for VoltSafe to join critical conversations with members of Congress about policy and regulations that are required for safe boating and energy management. VoltSafe Marine can help those in the boating industry, including marinas, establish a safer connection to existing electrical infrastructure, efficiently manage power, and save money all at the same time.

If you are a marina or manufacturer and want to learn more about how VoltSafe Marine can benefit you, contact us at