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VoltSafe and Barnacle Systems to Pilot VoltSafe's Technology as an EV Charger for Electric Military Vessels


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – (June 28, 2022) – VoltSafe has signed an agreement via its partnership with BRNKL (Barnacle Systems, headquartered in Victoria, Canada) to embark on a pilot project with a major defence partner. The project will test VoltSafe’s patented tech as an EV charger for electric vessels and is the second marine EV project announcement for VoltSafe in less than a week.

Marine solutions are an area of particular focus for VoltSafe. The marine EV sector is growing rapidly and just starting to take shape, with record amounts of investment funds flowing into the industry. The move to a fully electric marine sector eliminates greenhouse gases and other harmful air emissions, along with water and underwater noise pollution.

VoltSafe’s Philipp Garber, VP, Partnerships & Sales, commented, “Electricity and saltwater don’t mix. This is why electric vessels need a charging solution specifically designed to withstand uniquely harsh conditions. This project with our partner, Barnacle Systems, is the first time – anywhere in the world – that such a marine-specific EV charging solution is tested in the field. We anticipate VoltSafe technology to redefine the sector and set a new standard in marine EV safety. We’re excited to showcase the safety and ease of use in a naval context.”

This defence project reinforces the avid interest in VoltSafes marine solution beyond pleasure craft boaters or marinas and into industrial shipping and defence sectors. Brandon Wright, Founder & CEO at Barnacle Systems, stated,VoltSafe Marine will set a new standard for marine electrical safety. By joining forces and integrating VoltSafe’s EV charger with our new remote monitoring and security product, BRNKL Black, we’ll be able to collect critical power system data to help accelerate the adoption of electric vessels for recreational, industrial, and military fleets.”  

Water and salt cause hidden corrosion in an EV charger causing fires that plague the maritime sector. In contrast, VoltSafe power connectors don’t turn ‘on’ until both sides are fully connected, eliminating the risk of electric shocks or arcing, significantly reducing related fire hazards, setting a new standard in shore power and electric boat safety.

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