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VoltSafe Marine: On Deck to Assist with Safe Boating Practices


As we sail into Safe Boating Awareness Week, VoltSafe Marine is ready to assist marinas with their upgrades and retrofits to help both marina operators and boaters stay safe during boating season. VoltSafe is keenly aware that as the maritime industry continues to evolve, so do the challenges associated with electrical safety at sea. Governing bodies are enacting new regulations to protect vessels and crew against shore power fire hazards, electrical shock, and drowning. Enter VoltSafe Marine, a cutting-edge solution designed to address these electrical safety concerns head-on, revolutionizing marine safety standards in the process and assisting marinas with their upcoming upgrades and retrofits to meet these regulations.

Electrical safety hazards present a multifaceted threat to maritime operations. Shore power connections, vital for powering vessels while docked, can pose fire risks due to faulty wiring, inadequate insulation and corrosion of the metal prongs. Moreover, the risk of electrical shock and drowning – caused by stray electrical currents in marinas or waterways – looms ominously, endangering both swimmers and crew members. 

VoltSafe Marine offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to mitigate risks and enhance safety standards across the board.

Exposed contacts and heat sensors

Unlike traditional pronged plugs, the  exposed contacts on VoltSafe Marine’s connectors are easily cleaned which prevents hidden corrosion. Arcing and sparking caused by corrosion cause fires that damage docks and vessels nearby. VoltSafe Marine's built-in heat sensor will automatically shut off power to the pedestal once a temperature threshold is reached in order to prevent a potential fire. These preventative measures ensure that issues don’t escalate into catastrophic fires that can cause severe dock damage as well as damage to docked vessels nearby. 

Mitigating Electrical Shocks from Drowning

VoltSafe Marine's proactive approach extends beyond the pedestal itself. Through its monitoring of current leakage at the outlet level, VoltSafe Marine protects not only the vessel's occupants, but also nearby swimmers and marine life from electrical shock drowning. Additionally, the plug's electrical gateway prevents current from flowing if it is not connected to the pedestal's outlet. So if the plug is accidentally dropped into the water, there is no need to worry about current being leaked into the water. Simply dry off the contacts and connect them to the pedestal.

Remote monitoring and alerts

Shore power connections are monitored in real time for electrical issues, abnormal voltage fluctuations, power disconnection, current leakage, overconsumption, and overheating. Using a user-friendly interface, VoltSafe Marine provides marina operators and boaters with real-time insight into their shore power access. Even miles away from the pedestal or vessel, instant alerts regarding detected abnormalities enable timely repair or maintenance.

VoltSafe Marine emerges as a beacon of hope for marina operators and boaters seeking a safer, more secure marina experience. VoltSafe Marine not only protects lives and property but also paves the way for a more resilient and sustainable maritime industry by addressing the pressing electrical safety concerns of today. To learn more about how VoltSafe can help you upgrade or retrofit your marina, email

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