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VoltSafe Marine Transforms Operational Efficiency with Automated Billing


Automated Billing

At the recent American Marine Industry Conference & Expo (AMI), VoltSafe heard from marinas about the need for a better billing management system than the sometimes archaic and time-consuming ones currently in use at various marinas. VoltSafe Marine’s custom dashboard offers an automated billing feature. Picture a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology  that can automate a major pain point in marina operations, bringing transparency to billing cycles per slip to save everyone time and money.

Streamlined Payment Processes

Bid farewell to the days of manual invoicing and tedious paperwork. It takes an average of roughly 60 days to collect payment on power usage at marinas. From receiving energy readings to processing bills and collecting the payment, a lot of time and resources are spent on something that can be made effortless. With VoltSafe Marine's intuitive platform you can implement real-time billing management and utility metering per slip to make managing each slip’s utility consumption and payments a breeze. By automating billing processes, marinas can eliminate errors, reduce administrative overhead, cut the time from billing to collections and accelerate cash flow, offer more transparency to the customer and ensure a smoother, more streamlined experience for all.

Customizable Billing Structures

The information and key learnings we are constantly gathering from numerous marinas has taught us that every marina is unique, and so are its billing requirements. With VoltSafe Marine's automated billing, marinas have the flexibility to tailor invoicing structures to meet specific needs and preferences. Whether it's tiered pricing based on vessel size, peak demand usage or amount of energy used, our system empowers marinas to implement pricing models that maximize revenue, provide fair billing structures and drive customer engagement. By offering personalized billing solutions, marinas can foster stronger relationships with marina customers while optimizing profitability.

Enhanced Usage Visibility & Analysis

In today's competitive landscape, data is king. VoltSafe Marine's granular utility metering feature provides marinas and boaters with transparency to energy usage at the slip right down to the kWh. This allows for effective management of power consumption and budget. Through comprehensive reporting and analytics, marina operators can gain valuable insights into customer energy usage patterns and can tend to issues in a timely manner. Knowledge of this level of specificity when it comes to consumption allows marinas to reduce significant peak demand charges and save money. By leveraging data-driven intelligence, marinas can optimize pricing strategies, allocate resources more effectively, and drive sustainable growth in the long term.

VoltSafe Marine represents a quantum leap forward for marina operations, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility that drives cost and energy savings. By embracing innovation and harnessing the power of automation, marinas can unlock new opportunities for success while delivering exceptional experiences to boaters worldwide. Join us as we navigate towards a future where efficiency, innovation, and excellence converge on the open seas. If you are a marina operator or manager or know one, and would like to harness the power of VoltSafe Marine for yourself, contact us today to learn more about our ‘Try It Before You Buy It’ Program.

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