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That’s A Wrap: VoltSafe Makes A Splash at ABCMI


VoltSafe Marine set sail at ABCMI’s Annual Business Opportunities Conference recently in beautiful Vancouver, BC, on November 8 and 9th.

The team introduced VoltSafe’s new shore power pedestal prototype. While setting up at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the sun rose and illuminated the booths with a golden glow. Our Business Development team shared this special moment with other exhibitors, already sensing that this would be a productive day for VoltSafe. There was excitement in the air, with the snow-capped North Shore mountains and blue sky over Burrard Inlet. After weeks on the road in non-descript convention centres, our team counted their blessings to participate at an event on Vancouver’s beautiful home turf.

While the ABCMI is naturally focused on British Columbia, it was notable how many business and government leaders from the East Coast were present at the conference. A testament to the growing business ties between Atlantic and Pacific Canada, thanks to organizations like ABCMI or the Ocean Startup Project.  Investments in the marine ecosystem are starting to trickle down from major shipbuilders and port operators all the way through to new venture capital firms, startups, and  marine workforce development programming at colleges on both coasts. As a result, Federal Naval Defence procurement and marine electrification initiatives are reaping the benefits.  The goals are clear:

  1. Boost Canada’s growing cohort of ocean startups
  2. Position Canada for more self-sufficiency in supply chain, particularly in defence
  3. Tackle the acute and growing labor shortage as 30% of the marine work force retires in the next few years.
  4. Decarbonize shipping and port operations.

For VoltSafe, it’s becoming more apparent that the company is no longer treated like an unknown entity, but as a welcome addition to a community that is interested in seeing us succeed. On several occasions, our team team was told by government officials (federal and provincial), shipbuilders (global and local), and investors alike, “We’ve had an eye on you for close to a year, I think it’s time we sit down and map out how we can work together.”

They had been following VoltSafe for some time and were impressed by the rapid succession of achieved milestones.

We’re aware of the key role that VoltSafe will play in the future of marine technology. To hear “your tech is the future” from retired naval officers and business leaders, routinely get shout-outs from panelists, and to be asked about investment opportunities in VoltSafe at every marine show, are all positive signs and affirmation for our path forward in this industry. We are certainly not alone anymore in our vision that VoltSafe Marine technology will, sooner or later, become the norm for marine shore power (recreational and commercial) and marine EV-charging.

VoltSafe is a proud member of ABCMI. It represents Western Canada’s industrial marine sector from shipbuilding, industrial marine services and infrastructure, to small craft marine construction, and ocean science and technology.  To learn more about ABCMI or to become a member, visit their website.